Prepaid Funerals

About Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Due to the ever-rising costs, prepaid funerals give you and your family full peace of mind after you pass away. Avoid leaving your loved ones to make difficult financial decisions at a time when they will be grieving. By planning for your funeral today, you can protect your family from a hefty bill in the future. 

Why a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Funeral planning is a sensitive subject and one that most people simply do not want to think about. Funeral costs have risen dramatically over the past decade and many families are struggling to pay out when the time comes. 

In the UK, the average funeral cost is around £4,000. When faced with the heartache of your loss, having to find enough money to pay for your funeral could leave your family in serious financial difficulty. Probate can also cause further complications. In the instance that you do have money available in your estate to cover your funeral costs, your Executor may not be able to access this in time to pay for your funeral. A Prepaid Funeral Plan is fixed at the cost of a funeral today and will be provided in the form of a lump sum.

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