At Simple Will our aim is to ensure that your wishes are documented for after you pass, and in order for this to be done effectively it is very important that you use a Trusted Professional to draft your will. All of our staff are fully trained members of the Society of Will Writers, with a wealth of experience in will writing services.

What happens if I don’t make a will?

If you pass away without having made a will, this means that you will die “Intestate”. This can cause several problems, and means that your property, savings and other assets may not go where you would have wanted them to.

What kind of things may happen if I die Intestate?

  • If you are a cohabiting couple but not married, you cannot guarantee your partner will inherit
  • If you are a parent, the authorities may decide who will care for your children
  • If you are separated, your ex partner may be entitled to inherit from you
  • If you are married, this does not necessarily mean your spouse will inherit if you don’t have a will!

I wrote a will 15 years ago… can’t I just use that?

You may have a Will in place which is still valid, but you should consider that times and circumstances change, and you should regularly review your Will.

When should I review my will?

As mentioned before, there are certain circumstances where you should review your will. At Simple Will we can advise you if you need to do this, based on your circumstances, but below are the 5 top reasons for needing to review your will.

  • If you have got married
  • If you have got divorced
  • If you have children
  • If you own a home or rent
  • If you want to guarantee who inherits


I have been online and I can do my own DIY will, why should I pay a professional to do one for me?

You only have to miss filling in one thing to make your will invalid. Amending these mistakes will ultimately be costly and complicated to rectify. When you do a DIY will you may be saving money at the time, but the chances are it will cost significantly more in legal fees to put things right than if you had consulted Simple Will.