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Creating any form of Will is a good idea and there are a number of ways you can do this. Doing it yourself, through a professional or online are some of the options currently available. It is difficult to believe, but 2/3 of the UK do not have a Will. Quite often, people do not make a Will because they are unaware that they have any assets to plan for. However, this could not be further from the truth. The majority of society today tend to have Life Insurance Policies, Pensions (current and frozen), Properties, Savings and Children. All of these form part of your Estate, and more. By not making a Will your Estate will follow the rules of Intestacy, which was set out in England and Wales in 1925, which is not suitable for everybody. Time has moved on, people’s estates have got bigger and more complicated, meaning this would be a potential problem for most people. Furthermore, people often do not make a Will because they do not understand the consequences of dying Intestate (without a Will).

It is also important when making a Will, that you get the right advice and guidance, as this is an activity you may only do once in your lifetime. You should get this advice from a company that adheres to a regulatory body or specialises in this area, which demonstrates they have a good understanding of Wills and Estate Planning.

Simple Will understands not everybody wants or needs a face to face visit to plan their Will, and therefore, we also offer a telephone-based consultation. The majority of our clients opt for face to face visits, this allows for the clients to ask questions and obtain advice on more complex subjects, and ensures the Will is tailored to meet the needs of the family.

If your Estate is fairly straightforward and is under £325k for a single person, or £650k for a married couple, and you would like to leave it to your spouse/partner and then onto your children in equal shares, this type of Will is more than suitable. The Will is checked by one of our fully qualified Will Writers after signing, to make sure there are no potential problems that may occur.

Seeing a Solicitor can be costly, so, by writing a Will with a reputable and professional company such as Simple Will Ltd, ensures that you still maintain full control and get the benefits of having your Will drafted by a Professional.


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