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Nearly two thirds of all adults in the UK do not currently have a will or any form of instructions. We believe that this is because many people believe that having a Will drafted by a professional is complex and expensive. This is a common misconception. At Simple Will it is our mission to keep things simple and affordable. By creating a Will you will be able to determine who receives what and when from your estate. Your property, savings and everything you have worked hard for could be at risk – if you do not have a Will in place your estate could follow the rules of intestacy.

As highly trained and qualified Will Writers we guide our clients through the entire process of creating a will. We pride ourselves on keeping the process simple, jargon free and friendly.  

We work with you to put a plan together for when the unfortunate event happens. This means that there will be clear instructions left behind for your Executors and Guardians to enable your wishes to be fully carried out. We will treat you as an individual, not as a number, as we appreciate that everyone’s circumstances and wishes are different – all of our Wills are tailored and insured to suit your individual needs. Will Writing is a not a one size fits all process.

Why Choose Us

Expert Knowledge
At Simple Will, we have a team of highly trained and qualified staff with over 15 years of experience in the Will Writing Industry. Full Members of the Society of Will Writers

Wherever your home is, you can plan your Estate from the convenience of your own home over the phone or by video call

A Simple Approach

We don’t believe in using complicated legal terms or industry jargon. We support our customers to work through the Will making process to keep things simple. 

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